Configuration of 2nd Generation IP Video Intercom System

To configure a 2nd generation IP video intercom system from Hikvision, you will need to follow these general steps:

  1. Set up the hardware: This involves installing the intercom unit and connecting it to the network.

  2. Configure the network settings: You will need to assign a static IP address to the intercom unit and configure the network settings such as the subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server.

  3. Configure the intercom settings: This involves setting up user accounts, configuring the audio and video settings, and setting up the intercom’s behavior when certain events occur.

  4. Configure the access control settings: If you want to use the intercom system for access control, you will need to configure the access control settings such as the card reader and door release settings.

  5. Test the system: Once you have configured the intercom system, you should test it to ensure that it is working properly.

Here are more detailed steps for configuring a Hikvision 2nd generation IP video intercom system:

  1. Set up the hardware:
  • Install the intercom unit according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Connect the intercom unit to your network using an Ethernet cable.
  1. Configure the network settings:
  • Log in to the intercom unit’s web interface using a web browser.
  • Go to the Network settings section and set a static IP address for the intercom unit.
  • Configure the subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server.
  1. Configure the intercom settings:
  • Go to the Intercom settings section and set up user accounts.
  • Configure the audio and video settings such as the microphone volume, speaker volume, and camera resolution.
  • Set up the intercom’s behavior when certain events occur such as when the doorbell is pressed or when motion is detected.
  1. Configure the access control settings:
  • Go to the Access control settings section and configure the card reader and door release settings.
  • Set up access control rules to determine who has access to the building.
  1. Test the system:

Please note that the specific steps for configuring a Hikvision 2nd generation IP video intercom system may vary depending on the model and firmware version. It is important to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for specific instructions.

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